dimanche 25 novembre 2012

The Tatin : the french apple pie

For a large pie
a mold to miss
an oven

200g flour
100g butter
1.5kg with apples
125g sugar

You can flavor your pie calvados, vanilla, cinnamon ...

Course of the creation of the pie:

Rozenn generously buttered pan and sprinkled with sugar (2cuillère soup), it was set on fire to get a caramel-brown.
Apples were peeled, cut in two rows at attention (not lying) and tight in the dish. Rozenn added a little sugar and lemon juice.
The dish is returned to the fire to cook the apples. Hugues packed them with the back of a spoon.
Meanwhile, Rozenn and Claudie made ​​their dough and have spread: a little larger than their flat, 2.5 mm thick. They then put their dough "bordering" the hoof so that the dough well to follow the edge of the dish. Rozenn piqued the dough and put it in the oven at 200 ° C. The tatin demolds hot and enjoyed warm with a little warmed cream, too.

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